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SGA transports your equipment worldwide

We have developed for our customers a full-service for loading and the transport of machines and equipment. This specialization has been a particular main focus of the full-service strategy at SGA for many years. The distinctiveness of our service compared to our competitors is the unique quality of our personal contact. Your personal contact looks after all details and takes care of your equipment deliveries almost as easily as a normal parcel delivery.

One part of our Full-Service-Parcels are:

  • Disassembly and re-assembly of machines and complete equipment
  • Intra-plant transports as well as loading on truck
  • Expert stuffing and securing of machines in container and on Flat-Rack
  • Sea worthy packaging
  • Break Bulk and RoRo shipments up to final destination
  • Unloading of the machines at the destination as well as the transfer of assets to its foundation.
  • Mechanical and electric re-assembly occurs through experienced specialist staff

All these services we organize for you from one source.